Friday, June 5, 2015

The Official Card

Hub's now had his 60th birthday, his surprise party, and today he's nowhere to be found. Believe me, I've looked all over the house. Thinking to myself that this is not a good sign, I dial his cell.


"Where the hell are you?"


"Are you alright?"


"Can you please use your language skills! Stop answering with one word answers!!!"



'Linda it's wonderful! Truly amazing! 
And I've finally got it!!!'

Knowing that nothing gets Hub excited like this, I'm thinking it's finally happened. He's officially lost his mind...dementia has happened..."Ok, now you're scaring me. So, whatever you're doing... stop it...stop it right now!!!!!"

'No, no, noooo. It's official! I now have my seniors card.'

"Oh you mean your old age card..." trying to contain my laughter.

'Hey woman, call it what you want, but I've got the pot of gold on discounts!'

Holding my tea I try to show some interest.
"Yeah, yeah yeahhh."

'No, really! It means I get discounts on drugs, buses, groceries and water.'

"On water?"

'Yup! You can thank me now. We even get discounts on our water bill!'

"Hey do know that our water bill is like 6 bucks a month now."

'Doesn't matter....I've struck the discount mother load! woooOOo hOoOooO!'

Just a couple of thoughts from 2 Canadians, 
living and loving it in Mazatlan...our home in paradise!

Linda and Hub