Sunday, August 30, 2015

Vacation in Canada is over for 2015

I've just returned from my annual trek back to Canada to see the gbabies, family and friends. Fabulous time but now I'm back to real life..sun, sand and the heat! Retirement can be hell.
So, after opening the front door I do a quick survey of the ground floor and turn to Hub..."I see you've been shopping while I was away."

'Just a bit.'

I walk over to the kitchen and lift an item, asking..."Well this is new! Can I ask how long this new guitar really is going to stay on the kitchen counter? I mean, it will make it a little difficult to cook in here unless you're planning on serenading me."

Struggling with my overweight luggage he explains...'Well, it's the only high, flat place I could find.'

Grabbing hold of the door jam, to stop my head from spinning I ask..."And your clothes? There isn't a chair that doesn't have your shirts or shorts hanging off the back... Why?"

'It's just easier to get dressed down here, in the livingroom. You know, after I shower!' as he points to the outdoor shower we had installed for him.

Heading upstairs to unload my carry on luggage, I immediately come back downstairs. Grabbing Hub by the hand we head up to the bedroom.

'Now we're talking!!!' he mumbles as he dances around by himself.

"Calm down Cassanova. Can you explain that?" as I point at the bed.

Unable to contain his laughter...'Has it really been that long since you left Linda? Don't you remember what our bed's for?'

" Have you even made it since I've been gone?"

'Well there's really no reason to make it since I get into it each night.'

Where do you guys come up with this reasoning??? grrrrrrrrrrrr

Later I see Hub sitting at the computer. "Can you explain this other, huge purchase you have hanging on our floor lamp, in the livingroom?"

Turning his head slightly, he then goes back to the computer and explains...'It's a bug zapper. There was a mosquito in the house while you were gone, so I bought it.'

"OMG it's huge!!! Was the house infested with them?"


"So how's this new purchase working for ya?"

'Well actually I'm taking a pro-active stand...when the next one comes in I'll turn it back on.'

"You mean it's not even plugged in?"

'Well hell yeah it's plugged in....

just not turned on.'

Going over to the wall I reach for the best invention for killing any bugs...."Try this AND you don't even have to get up and plug it in!"

Just a few thoughts from a couple of retired Canadians, living and loving it in Mazatlan...our home in paradise.

Linda and Hub