Saturday, September 12, 2015

Post arrival home

So I've been home for a couple of weeks now and even tho it's the hot and rainy season I'm loving it...

Hub...not so much.

You see, it started about the second day after I arrived home...

I went looking for Hub and found him ..."So, the patio doors are sticking. Maybe you could fix them?"

The 4th day...

While out and about I give Hub a quick call..."Hey, it's me. The car warning lights on the dashboard came on and won't go off. Can you make some time and have them checked?"

'No entiendo senora.'

"You do so understand! I know it's you!!!"

The 5th day...

In my gentle tone and demure manner I came out of the kitchen and let Hub know how I was feeling...

"You need to fix the A/C nowwww!!!!"

On the 7th day I found Hub in the living room on the computer. So I leaned over his shoulder and casually asked...

"So whacha looking at?"

Hubs eyes never left the screen...

'Just checking a few things.'

"Like what?" I asked with concern in my voice.

'Flights to Canada.'

"But I just got back!"

'I know and everything's been falling apart around here, ever since you landed. 

Coincidence? I think not!'

Just a few thoughts from two Canadians, 
living and loving it in Mazatlan...our home in paradise!

Linda and Hub