Friday, February 12, 2016

Wild life in the house

Hub has a way of watching MY tv programs these days... 

and then wakes up when one of his shows come on.

This particular night I see something fly through the air and land behind the television. 

"What the hell was that???"

Calmly Hub puts the tv on pause and immediately grabs for the flyswatter.

"Doin' old school? No electrocution swatting device tonight?"

Watching him move around the tv I hear...'The electric swatter isn't working. Get me the flashlight.'

Handing him the light I ask..."So WHAT is it?"


"This is no time to quote the Kung Fu series smart ass."

''s a real grasshopper.' 

I watch as Hub moves around the screen..behind the the other side of the screen...chasing the bug.

'Damn it! It went down the hole with all the wires. Grab a plastic container, maybe something oblong.'

"You do know it won't just walk into a container, right? How 'bout a paper towel first?"

I watch as my husband of 40+ years repeatedly plays tag with the biggest grasshopper ever. "Will you stop playing with the damn thing and just grab it!"

Making one final leap I hear him...'Gotcha ya lil' bugger!'

"My hero!!!"

"Now get the damn thing outside and don't be opening the paper towel to check for it! Just get it out!!"

Holding the paper towel he heads for the door.

"You're not going to kill it, are you?"

'No Mam...No killing here today. I repatriated it, back into the world, so it will have a fair chance of returning!'

Just a few thoughts from two Canadians, 
living and loving it in Mazatlan...our home in paradise!

Linda and Hub