Saturday, March 5, 2016

Charles the second

Hearing Luqui, our 'guard' canine, barking continuously, I go to the back door and catch the glimpse of something tear across the backyard. "OMG not again!! HUB DO something!!!!"

Lying on the couch, the man of my life comes to the rescue with as much life as a bear after hibernation...'WHAT is your problem today?'

Turning from the window I explain...

"Another Iguana is out there...AGAIN!"
Taking our 'guard' canine, Hub opens the door and Luqui makes a made dash for the back corner, barking as she defends her territory.

Getting down with Luqui, they turn on the flashlight and look into the plants...'Yup. It's another one!' 

I take our 'guard' canine back into the house, leaving her barking and whining like a 3 year old on Christmas morning.

'So, do you want it in the front yard with Charlie?'

Charlie is our resident Iguana who's been recuperating for the last 2 months. 

"No. They're territorial" I warn him.

'Then don't just stand there. Help me get it out of the garage."

Easier said than done. As we work chasing the little bugger from one end of the garage to the other, for almost an hour Luqui's in the house whining and hollering like an enthusiastic cheerleader.

And so, Charles the second takes up residence in the garage, Hubs' domain, for 2 days after which Hub declares...'This isn't a damn Iguana hotel. It's outta here today!'

Moving more stuff off shelves Hub gently pokes Charles the second with one of his broom handles hoping to move the him. No luck...infact the Iguana is now fighting with Hub...biting down on the broom and not letting go. 

I hear him arguing with Charles the second...'I'm not playing with LET...IT...GO...DAMN IT!'

After 10 minutes he gets his stick back and we move everything in the garage making a clear path to the door and to the street...and we wait....wait for 2 hrs.

"That's it!" Hub yells as we move the rest of the shelving and start the chase all over again. Charlie2 runs around everything that has been moved...over..under...and finally staking claim under the one shelf we didn't empty.

After another 2 hours and Hub pulls out the expensive work gloves... 

As I life the empty shelving unit he grabs hold of the Iguanas' tail...lifting him up and out of the garage...hissing and spitting the whole time (the Iguana not Hub.)

We watch as Charlie the second grabs one of Hubs expensive leather gloves and sinks his razor sharp teeth into it and wouldn't let go.

This is when I see Hubs people skills hit a high note...
'Let go of it you lil' bugger!! I'm helping you get back to the wild!!!'

Finally the glove drops and we watch Charles the second run up the road and then back down to our garage trying desperately to get back in.

I watch in delight as Hub announces...'the hotel is officially closed!' and carefully we direct Charles the second back into the bushes. 

(Note: No Iguanas were hurt during this event.)

Just a day in the life of two Canadians,
living and loving it in Mazatlan...our home in paradise!

Linda and Hub