Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Cold vs. Flu

'Linda I'm dying here!'
Hub has a cold..

'Feel my forehead...And when you're out can you pick me up some kleenex...don't forget the Halls...'

Ok, so it may have been more than a cold...I know, because I got it 2 weeks later when Hub was out on his sailboat voyage.

A week later Hub sees me heading for the door and asks...'So, where you going?'

"Hey I feel better and I need to see if there are actually people out there beyond these walls."

Waving goodbye I hear him sneezing as I shut the door. Guess who's sick again.

It lasts about 10 days. I know Hub's feeling better as I see he's showered, getting ready to go out. As he passes the couch I start to ask..."feel me..."

'WhoOoO hooOOO baby!'

Grabbing his hand I ask..."Do I have a temperature?"

Running over the the sink he proceeds to wash his hands violently. 'Don't touch any of the remote controls! And for gawd sake don't touch any part of me, you human incubator of disease!!'

Yup it's happened again...so I do what all women know works...

leave us alone and sleep.

After a few days I know Hub is getting sick again. I hear him even before I  see him, as he tries to breath.

Since he's sick now, and I'm on day four of my 'cold', I drag myself out and change the beds...do the laundry and make some homemade chicken soup. 

I put out the vitamins...nose spray
...Kleenex...hot lemonade drinks...oil of oregano drops...

So it's been a long 2 months of this virus going back and forth between us...and we've had it! We're still not breathing on each other but we've decided...we can move and somewhat breath normally...so it's time.

Time to change up the cold remedies...


Just another day in the life of two Canadians, 
living and loving it in Mazatlan...
our home in Paradise!

Linda and Hub