Saturday, April 30, 2016

Control switch

Hub had to spend a few days in one of our new hospitals for tests. I say hospital but it's really more like a luxury hotel!!

Calling from his 'suite' he tells me...

'Make sure you fill up with gas before you pick me up.'

"Uh huhhhh." As I wait for further instructions.

'And don't forget to check the tires.'

"Okayyyy, now go away so I can pick you up!"

Grabbing my shopping list I head down to our gas station, where filling up is like a blast from the past...full service. It's here that the attendant spots a nail in my front tire.

Of course Hub decides to call at this point..."What the hell? Do you have like cameras on me???"

'What can I say...I'm bored out of his mind.'

So I tell him the situation..."We found a nail in the tire, so I'll be late picking you up."

This news really gets him him something to do...'Ok!! Now here's what you have to do...make sure you take it over to the service depot across...'

"yeah, yeah, yeahhh...I know."

Finishing up my shopping I head over to the tire repair location and within 15 minutes and less than 5 bucks later I'm on my way out to pickup Hub, only to discover he's gone out to another location, by ambulance, for a particular test.

Looking around the room and not wanting to waste the amenities, I relax in the oversized rocker/recliner, lean back and listen to the music channel.

Shortly the door opens and I hear Hub telling the porter how to drive the gurney more efficiently.

'So where were you?' he asks as he tries to get off the gurney gracefully.

"Whatcha talking about?"

'Well, we made a stop at the tire shop before the tests and you weren't there.'

"You mean you had the ambulance stop in and check that I was doing it right? You do know you're insane right!!!"

'Hey it was on the way..and the boys said it was no big deal.'

Calmly I thank the porters...close the door..and walk over to the bed...take Hub by the scruff of the neck and ask...
"How many ways can I say this? Let go of the damn switch you control freak!!!!"

Just another day in the life of two Canadians, 
living and loving it in Mazatlan...
our home in Paradise!

Linda and Hub