Wednesday, September 7, 2016

You've got mail!

Mail arrived the other day.
It really is an event, since here in Maz it doesn't happen often. 
Turns out it's time to go to the bank and explain that we do live here now.

So Hub immediately starts digging 
around for the paperwork.
'Linda! Where is all the stuff???'

Grabbing all the necessary paperwork, 
I hand it to him.

'But did you get the statements?
The utility bills?
The passports?
Our gov't cards???'


At 10.30am we arrive and are met by the bank 'greeter', who has noooo idea what we are there for...
but we are given a ticket and shown where to wait.

Hubs leans over and whispers in my ear...
'So did you bring a book?'

"Nooo. You have your phone...find something to do!"

20 minutes later we're rushed into a cubicle and begin the process.

Hub goes on his phone, trying to get his translator to work.

I present all the documents and Ms Bank employee starts to process me first.

Hub is humming, still trying to work his phone.

After 15 minutes I'm done!

Hub quietly leans over and whispers to me...
'Hey! Since we're here, seems like a good time to go to the ATM, don't you think?'

Grabbing my purse and leaving Hub and all the documents, I proceed to the machines.

After only a few minutes I'm heading back to the cubicle. Seeing Hub I ask...
"Just WHAT are you doing??"

Hub is now surrounded by three very young, hot female bank employees, laughing and chatting away.

"So I leave you alone for like 5 minutes!!!"

'What can I say...they think I'm charming!'

Just another day in the life of two Canadians,
living and loving it in Mazatlan...
our home in Paradise!

Linda and Hub